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Our Cashew Regular nuts are nutrient-dense and rich in the healthy fats, proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals needed for healthy functioning of the body. Having a few cashew nuts every day may help reduce blood pressure, aid weight loss, and prevent cardiac diseases.
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Cashew Regular


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Bucketlist Cashew are popular as a snack and used to make gravies, baked goods, vegan milk, and nut butter.
Helps us for:
  • Prevents Blood Disease
  • Protects the Eye
  • Good for the Skin
  • Boosts Heart Health
  • Help Strengthen Bones
  • Heart Disease Prevention
  • Diabetes Prevention or Management
Nutritionists suggest limiting nut consumption to up to 5 – 10 cashews a day to avoid weight gain. You can eat 15–30 cashew nuts a day for a primary source of fat and a secondary source of protein. Not all fats are bad for you, and some types of fat can actually help your heart health.
Rich in magnesium, zinc, iron and phosphorous, Cashew nuts have loads of proteins and antioxidants including selenium which is good for your skin. Eating nuts as wells as using cashew oil on your scalp helps the skin and hair to produce the pigment melanin.
Cashews are high in calories and therefore best enjoyed in moderation. Keep in mind when serving these nuts that they may cause severe allergic reactions for some people.
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  1. Savani Ramesh

    Crunchy n tasty nuts.

  2. Sourabh

    Cashews were good and tasty and also on time delivery with good packaging

  3. Sachin Agnihotri

    Very good size and fresh cashew.Rates are always reasonable,also packaging are very good.

  4. Rekha arora

    Best cashewnuts ever i found in mumbai

  5. ramesh bhati

    I always prefer to take cashew from zhatye, first time i bought from bucketlist and trust me cashew are awesome and crunchy

  6. Gurvinder kaur

    Superb packing and tasty cashewnuts

  7. Ajmal

    Super packing and tasty cashwe

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