Pickles are vegetable or fruit, it cut into pieces, which have been kept in vinegar or salt water for a long time so that they have a strong & sharp taste.

Process of making Pickles-

Pickling is a process of extending the shelf life of a food by either anaerobic fermentation in brine or immersion in vinegar. The pickling procedure typically affects the food’s texture and flavor. The resulting food is called a pickle, or, to prevent ambiguity, prefaced with pickled

Different Types of Pickle available in Bucketlist Dryfruit-

  1. Mango Pickle (Karle)
  2. Lemon Chile Pickle
  3. Chile Pickle
  4. Sweet Lemon Pickle
  5. Mixed Pickle
  6. Karela Pickle
  7. Karvand Pickle

Health Benefits of Pickles-

1.Helps digestion. Fermented pickle are full of good bacteria called probiotics, which are important for gut health

2.Fights diseases. Cucumbers are high in an antioxidant called beta-carotene, which your body turns into vitamin A

3.May ease muscle cramps

4.Curb sugar spikes

Like many fruits and veggies, pickle are a great source of vitamins.

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