Dink Laddu (Pack of 6)


Dink Laddu have warm properties and it is not advisable for pregnant women to consume them, but they can work wonders for nursing mothers.
These ladoos are popular across the northern belt of the country such as Harayana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh
The Gondh ka laddoo is also enjoyed during the winter months as it is known to warm the body.


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Dink Laddu


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Product Description

  • Dink Laddu help in lubricating the joints and reduces back pain along with other joints pain. It can be served to lactating mothers for the nourishment of their body. It’s rich in fat & fiber and can be given to lactating mothers to build their immunity as it helps stimulate the immune system
  • It can be mixed with other herbs like Methi dana, Sauf, Black pepper, Till seeds and Ajwain
  • It is popular in Maharashtra as Dinkache Ladoo. ‘Dink’ in Marathi means edible gum.
  • In many Maharashtrian preparations,  methi (Fenugreek seed / Methi dana) is also added to these Dinkache laddoos. In Gujarat, they are known as Gundar Ladoo.

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