Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil (Peanut Oil) -1 Litre – Unfiltered


Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil Means ‘ Wooden Ghani Process’.  The word ‘Ghani’ refers to a long cylindrical contraption that was used in early days to extract oil from Oil seeds. Bucketlist Groundnut Oil Online at
It is  more like a mortar and pestle device made of stone or wood and is used to extract oil with the help of animals like bull or buffalo.
This is the oldest and simplest method of oil extraction that involves no heat, Whereas the modern age oil extraction process involves chemicals, heat and machines to extract oil from the oil seeds.
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Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil


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Product Description

  • It is Loaded With Antioxidants. Oil refining subjects the oil to extremely high temperatures.
  • It Promotes Heart Health. Peanut oil is free from cholesterol, which makes it a healthy fat.
  • It May Fight Cancer.
  • It Boosts Skin Health.
  • It May Improve Insulin Sensitivity.
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1 Litre


  1. Ashwin Khatkhate

    This is the real teste of pure oil
    My long search for my regular kitchen need is now over🙂🙂

  2. Asmita barve

    I started this product 3 days before, oil is too pure and dense
    Highly recommended to everyone

  3. Ragini joshi

    Best cold pressed oil from market

  4. Kavita sanghvi

    Just received order
    Properly packed
    Density of oil is unmatched and super think and looks organic

    Best oil purchase so far

  5. Amit

    I am using this oil from last 4 months, i am extremely happy as its keeps me and my family healthy. It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels. I totally recommend this oil.

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