Besan Laddu (pack of 6)


India is rich in many aspects, including history, culture, architecture, folklores, and most importantly, food! Each household, village, region, state, has it’s own recipes and dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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Besan Laddu


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When we talk of sweets, Indian mithais are scrumptious and so interesting when we watch them being made. The whole process keeps you glued until it reaches your belly. Food ignites memories from childhood, moments with the loved ones and one such sweet dish is Besan Laddu. These golden yellow rounds of sweetened gram flour are so endearing especially when our grandparents or mothers make it. They make it with so much affection that they are bound to make you feel better. This mithai, however, has a lot of benefits even if loaded with ghee and sugar. They can be heavy but they are good for our body if had in moderation.
Benefits of Besan Laddu:
  1. Heart Health
  2. Prevent Allergies
  3. Healthy Pregnancy

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