Amazing Reasons of Eating Dates: Health Benefits While Pregnant? – 2022

Eat Dates:

“A Date with Dates is something that your health would crave” – said no one, but that definitely does not undermine the health value that dates contain. Being high in nutrient content, eaten both fresh and dried based on an individual’s taste, They are a fruit of date-Palm tree grown mostly in tropical regions across the world. Today we will go over the variety of dates and their health benefits for pregnant women. They have a positive effect on the health of the mother and child. The natural sugar content in dates, if consumed in moderation provides significant health benefits to the body.

We will first go over the effect of dates for all three trimesters followed by a walk-through of their varieties.

The first trimester:-

Eating these will help with a healthy bowel movement and as constipation is one of the primary issues during the first trimester, dates are a natural suggestion to anyone going through this phase. However, consumption should be limited based on individual.

 The second trimester:-

The consumption of dates should be avoided during this time but one can definitely seek their doctor’s advice in this regard.

 The third trimester:-

Consumption during the last four weeks of pregnancy has been shown to have a significant impact on the overall process making the labor process easier and also aiding with natural labor.

As such, there has been no confirmed study that claims that dates have an adverse impact during pregnancy, but weight gain and blood sugar level are something that needs to be closely monitored.

Next, below stated are some of the varieties of dates and their benefits:-

Dates have multiple varieties and can be consumed accordingly based on your taste and health requirement:-

Medjool dates:

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Medjool dates have high nutrients and antioxidants content that have many health benefits.

Mazafati Dates:

Bucketlist India - Mazafati Dates Seedless 400gm

Rich with vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, etc. They have high fiber content.

Mabroom Dates:

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Mabroom Dates loaded with vitamins and minerals, Mabroom dates also provide a great option for a healthy snack.

Kalmi Safawi:

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Kalmi Safawi dates being rich in iron and calcium helps with hemoglobin formation and bone formation and maintenance.

Sukkari Dates:

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Sukkari dates contain a good amount of healthy fat and it helps with controlling cholesterol levels.


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 Kharik dates are rich in vitamins and minerals and fiber, which help a lot during pregnancy.

Ajwa Dates:

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Ajwa Dates contain many nutrients that help with fatigue and amplify overall immunity.

Amber Dates:

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Amber dates are a source of dietary fiber and help with digestion.

Kimaiya Dates:

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Due to high fiber content, Kimaiya dates help with constipation during pregnancy.

Dates have a lot of nutrients and have been preferable for women during pregnancy. If you plan to include dates during your pregnancy in your regular dietary intake, consult your doctor first and look for brands which offer organic dates, free from any kind of preservatives or chemicals.

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