Pista are grown on trees. This take about 7 years to mature after the tree is planted. When the pistachios are ripe, harvesters use machine to shake the tress and gathered that all from ground

Type Of Pistachios

  1. Salted Pistachios
  2. Plain Pistachios


  1. Loaded with nutrients
  2. High in antioxidants
  3. Low in calories yet high in proteins
  4. May aid weight loss
  5. Promote health gut bacteria
  6. May lower cholestrol and blood pressure
  7. May promote blood vessel health
  8. May help lower blood sugar
  9. Delicious and fun to eat

Pista are a great source of healthy fats, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and various nutrients, including vitamin B6 and thiamine.

Their health effects may include weight loss benefits, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, and improved gut, eye, and blood vessel health.

What’s more, they’re delicious, versatile, and fun to eat. For most people, including pistachios in their diet is a great way to improve overall health.

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