Affordable Premium Healthy Diwali Gifts for Employees!

Affordable Premium Healthy Diwali Gifts for Employees!

Why Diwali gift: The next Diwali season is the ideal opportunity to express your love, affection, and concern for your close friends and family members. A lot of people have had a difficult year in 2022 as a result of COVID-19’s aftereffects and other new problems. While many workers struggle to obtain employment, others struggle to look after their emotional and mental health.

As a responsible business, you want to show your employees that you care and support them through this difficult time. The best course of action is to provide them high-quality, wholesome Diwali gift baskets that care for their wellbeing. A gift basket is, after all, a representation of one’s aspirations and work.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking for gift baskets of excellent quality at reasonable prices. Within your price range of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000, Bucketlist India offers a large selection of luxury Diwali gift baskets that are reasonably priced.

1. Premium Dry fruit Hamper
A new slogan for living a disease-free life is conscious eating and healthy living. Today, developing immunity is the main priority for the majority of people. Nothing works better for boosting immunity than dry fruits. Dry fruits are incredibly nutritious and good for the immune system. You might provide a nutritious gift basket of dried fruits to your staff. In addition to being high-quality, the dry fruit Diwali package is within your Rs. 1000 spending limit. Almonds, pistachios, kismis, and cashews are included in this gift basket of dried fruits.

Give meaningful gifts to your staff to enhance their holiday experience. Choose the gift hamper customisation option to give your staff a distinctive holiday experience.

2. Dryfruit and Sweet Hamper
According to legend, the Diwali holiday brings sweetness and happiness into people’s lives. When it comes to sweetness, nothing compares to chocolate. The chocolate gift box is another healthy Diwali gift basket that you might think about giving to your staff members to encourage good health.

The healthy and tainted sweets can be swapped out for this thoughtful Diwali gift basket. Additionally, Bucketlist India enables you to alter it according to your spending limit and product choices.

3. Diwali Gift Hamper of Healthy Snacks
Surprise your staff with a gift basket of their preferred munching snacks if you want to go beyond the traditional Diwali gift basket of dry fruits and chocolates. The finest feature of this Diwali gift basket is that every snack is nutritious, produced with nutritious ingredients, baked, and devoid of preservatives and maida.

If your staff members are from the millennial group, this present basket of healthy snacks will be ideal for them to encourage mindful and healthy eating. The best part is that you may customise this gift basket to fit your preferences and price range.

4. MoneyPlant Hamper
The MoneyPlant Hamper box is another economical premium healthy gift box you might think about for your employees that are concerned about their diets and overall health. It includes Nutri Choice Biscuit, Green Tea, Money Plant, and Chocolate. In addition to sating desires, snacks also promote good health. It is one of the creative Diwali presents that expresses appreciation and gratitude.

5. Luxuries Basket:
Turkish, Black Paper Cashew, Caramel Almond, Makhana, and Homemade Cake are all included. For your loved ones, place an online order for your preferred dry fruit gift boxes. Our high-quality items come in a variety of sizes to fit any budget. All orders over Rs 1000 receive free shipping, while bulk orders receive a 10% discount.

Final Words:
For all of your Diwali corporate gifts for employees, visit Bucketlist India. The gift baskets are tastefully selected, taking both health and preference in mind. Additionally, the gift baskets are priced between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. Ensure that your company’s employees celebrate Diwali in a healthy and happy way by providing them with a thoughtful and conscientious gift basket. The perfect time to give your staff a sense of exclusivity and value is around Diwali. Make the Diwali gift basket unique based on the preferences and tastes of your staff.

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